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SERVICES Introduction

2024 forecast:

Our company is now launching the 2024 Brand basic service- Gold, Silver, and Bronze program to provide data services to all our partners in the fashion sector. Firstly, you will have at least 500+ quality offline store data that you are able to connect and sell directly; Secondly, with today's booming e-commerce, you will have a list of quality KOL data bloggers regarding online channels to distribute as well; Lastly, we will provide you with professional BI and brand consulting, so that you can fully understand your market positioning from the inside out, and we can help you with your pricing, launching of pop-ups, and do our best for your development. With more than 40 tailor-made report to assist you.


Exclusive services for Gold, Silver and Bronze customers:

  1. We have a free consultation service of up to 20 minutes, during which you can choose any of our three packages based on your budget and direction.

  2. We will provide more than 600+ real fashion shops to contact.

  3. We will develop a plan that meets your needs as well as a professional buyer's analysis.

  4. We will help you expand your channel reach by selecting and pushing information about the stores in your database that match.

  5. We will help you publicize and promote your store in various channels.

  6. We will send 50 new product releases to our media friends to get free publicity for new products.

  7. Our gold and silver members can additionally get a blogger list/blogger database. 100/per product category.

  8. As our gold customer, you can have an exclusive 40 paid analysis reports in terms of planning, such as product category market analysis, etc. We look forward to your joining our gold, silver, and bronze programs and developing with us hand in hand.

You can visit our website to view the reports:

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