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LX showroom 



LX showroom,我们是一家将国际优质设计师品牌与中国及大中华市场联系起来的时尚机构。我们了解各个层次的时尚,在行业和商业化领域拥有超过20多年的经验。我们用专业的方式对接国外设计师品牌与国内零售渠道,用有效的服务打开设计师品牌的知名度和销量,我们为设计师品牌提供量身定制的战略咨询和代理,帮助他们在中国市场定位和提高知名度。

LX showroom, we are a luxury agency that connects international high-quality designer brands with China and the Greater China market. We understand fashion at all levels and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We connect foreign designer brands with domestic retail channels on a high level and use effective services to increase the popularity and sales of designer brands. We provide tailor-made strategic consulting and agency for designer brands to help them position and sell in the Chinese market. increase awareness.



LX  showroom也塑造了网红kol打卡基地,我们每个月打造不同主题的打卡场景,时尚艺术类活动,每个季度都能吸引一万多名高粉丝量的kol过来打卡,每次活动人流量爆满。这让我们合作的品牌在产品销售的同时,也产生强烈的曝光,提高品牌知名度和热度。

通过LX showroom,您的品牌将成功打入中国的时尚潮流市场。

LX showroom has also shaped the online celebrity KOL base. We create punch-in scenes with different themes every month, fashion and art activities, and each quarter can attract more than 10,000 KOLs with high fans to punch in. Every event Full of people. This allows our cooperating brands to generate strong exposure while product sales, increasing brand awareness and popularity.

With LX showroom, your brand will successfully enter the fashion trend market in China.

我们专注于的主要细分市场: 服装、包包、鞋子、配饰、艺术家居用品类品牌。

Main market segments we focus on: Apparel, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Art Homeware Brands.








How we sell:

1. The showroom store sells directly. Our store is open in the art park, and many Internet celebrities and tourists will visit the store to buy directly;

2. KOL is bound to sell, KOL will come to our showroom to check in and take pictures, and then upload the product pictures to the new media platform to promote sales (KOL comes with a huge amount of traffic, which can make your brand quickly establish popularity);

3. We have in-depth cooperation with 500+ Chinese buyers' physical stores, distribution and sales; (show your brand to the most potential buyer stores in China, and establish cooperation with top buyers).

4. We currently have more than 2,000 professional buyers and major customers, purchasing and selling, and will hold an internal order meeting every Friday afternoon;




Services include:

1、Provide tailored sales strategy to brands and bridge highly matched retailers with the brands

2、Assist brands to grow their sales in China

3、Assist brands to digest their current stock and past inventory in China

4、Provide seasonal sales report and feedback to help brands better understand Chinese market

5. Storage management

6. Order management

7. Goods management

8. Domestic logistics management

9. Collection of payment from regional distributor

10. Distributor contact management

11. Customer relationship maintenance

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