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CHAHUAZE activities Introduction

SS24 Shanghai fashion week Recap

This is the Chahuaze SS24 Fashion and Lifestyle Ordering Event, which we will hold at least 2-4 times annually. This presentation covers our sales data from 2022 to 2023, channel profiles, part of brand collaboration profiles, category distribution and proportion, and more. Welcome to exchange any ideas on the SS24 event, and feel free to register in advance.

这个简介将为您介绍茶花泽SS24时尚订货会活动,订货会活动我们一连举办至少2至4次。介绍的简报上涵盖我们2022年-2023年的一些销售数据, 渠道画像, 品牌合作画像, 品类的分布和比例等等。欢迎查阅。如果对我们的SS24活动感兴趣,可以欢迎报名。

The following video will briefly introduce the Chahuaze SS24 event to you. The content in the film is a summary of our AW23.


The following introduction is our Chahuaze AW23 report, which mainly includes: good news from the ordering event, market insights into the clothing industry, big opportunities in major changes, an overview of the Chahuaze ordering meeting, and future suggestions. If you would like more information, please read the PDF document.


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