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The purpose of the Chahuaze Sustainable Entrepreneur Community (referred to as the club) is to gather the entrepreneurial power of a green future, green life, and green investment to serve members wholeheartedly.

We advocate a sustainable business model. The mission of the club is to assist the development of worldwide entrepreneurs, assisting them in sustainable investment, financing, program development. We provide various services and consulting; we hold a series of high-level workshops, meetings, and exhibitions; also, we hold practical human resource training to help members improve their personal qualifications; we disseminate the latest knowledge and information of companies around the world; we build channels for sharing valuable information within the industry and cross-industry practitioners; we promote a strong collaboration of entrepreneurs and provide members with a platform of gathering, seminar, and harvesting friendship. This platform enables the enterprise to finally achieve the goal of prosperity.


Members are the service objects of the club and the owners of the club. With the participation and support from members, the club will build an open forum to discuss investment and operation. We create an interactive mechanism for cooperation and promotion of entrepreneurship. We establish communication channels and provide comprehensive and multi-level professional services between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and governments, and enterprises and news media.


Member Benefits

1. Be invited to enter our entrepreneur chat group

2. Be invited to participate in the international business investigation organized by the club

3. Have the right to apply for hosting activities organized by the club

4. Have the right to participate in the annual meeting, the forum, and the workshop organized by the club, and have the opportunity to give a speech

5. Have the club’s assistance to find investors, project partners, and professionals

6. Have the club’s assistance to get connected with overseas companies and overseas famous trading companies

7. Have the right to publish cooperation intention or investment promotion information in Chahuaze Sustainable Enterprise Club

8. Publish the name and logo of your organization on our website for free

9. Give speeches at domestic institutions of higher learning, authoritative institutions, important forums, and other places to increase your company’s visibility and influence

10. Participate in all conferences and training held by the club with a discount

11. Reserve your seats in the front row of the activities held by the club and get the opportunity to give a speech


Pooling of top resources  

Empowering US to grow


20000+ Elites on networks

From various areas internationally, leading the innovated green economy

- Online and offline audiences in summit forum

- Offline international business school student

- Participants in enterprise partner project


Online brand membership 2000+

Online communities 200+

Talents, elites and leaders 100+


International leaders heading towards the green future

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