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A look into some of our initiatives in the tech field, ranging from the era of AI all the way to digital NFT's

ai business intelligence & data analysis

Chahuaze leads the era of branding


In order to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises in the luxury goods industry, Chahuaze has specially developed data analysis methods for the luxury goods industry. Through modeling and analysis of service companies’ operational data, industry data, and network data, we can sort out the actual operation of different luxury brands in the Chinese market, and from there analyze the corresponding competitive products to find out how to improve a brand’s power. market share , publicity, and other specific measures.


ai business intelligence
& data analysis



We provide precision marketing and data analysis services in China for brand owners worldwide. We give industry-specific insights so that our customers can have confidence and knowledge when tackling the future of their industry.



从艺术到奢侈品,NFT 通过保证数字作品的真实性并利用其新的稀有性,征服了奢侈品领域。




NFT 注册在区块链中,这保证了它们的起源,它呈现出“市场上充斥着假货并经常被指责不透明的潜力”。

Be it in art or luxury, the NFT industry has begun to conquer our sector by offering authentic digital works that can be capitalized on for on their own rarity.


The luxury industry has been searching for a space where the source of its products’ can be easily defined under a mature and verifiable brand, while still harboring a very strong emotional connection between the creator and the owner.


NFTs can provide this space. By being registered in the blockchain, which verifies their origin, it eliminates the age-old problem where "the market is full of fakes and is often opaque."


Blockchain and NfT'S

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