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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese market was faced with a challenging period but a promising future. Through time, this halt in the economy paved room for the spread and development of new brands in the Chinese market. During this critical period, we continue to promote the development and prosperity of our brand partners in China. In the future, shopping will follow a more diverse, more convenient, and more targeted developmental trend - a trend which we at Chahuaze are always one step ahead on.




Customer groups in China show loyalty to their brands, and channel and consumption patterns will further meet the shopping needs of different customer groups. We will provide tailor-made shopping services to meet customer needs.



Business intelligence is an analysis tool with multi-attributes and a very big effect on media. It is the future of shopping and data analysis. We work to chart and comprehend the Chinese market through data science, flow analysis, market research and analysis. These methods help us better arrange each marketing touchpoint we offer and accurately and comprehensively evaluate the return on investment and value of media channels in our endeavours.







Digitization is exemplified by three characteristics: connection, symbiosis, and presence.

In the past, the key to business strategy was limited to a companies capabilities and resources. But as the digital era settles in, it is through human connection, symbiosis, and culture that brands thrive. We at Chahuaze understand this fundamental change and use it to excel within the Chinese market. 

“The past, the present, and the future are all in one device now.

The digital timeline is not a transition from one moment to another, but a jump from one choice to another, staying in each command line, just like the numbers on the digital clock, until the next choice is made, a new reality will appear in front of you.”

For the impact of digitalization is not the change itself, but how the speed of change has been impacted. 

Our works diligently to keep up with the pace.

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