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我们平台是中国一家全权负责品牌建立、品牌管理和品牌孵化 “一条龙”的服务机构。我们拥有这三个阶段的关键资源。我们帮助品牌进入中国,负责品牌从零到一的成长与繁荣,与品牌深度合作,一起推进营销活动、品牌文化渗透、分销和销售等,扩大品牌在中国地区的规模与影响力、建立与品牌的长期深度合作关系。

Chahuaze stands out as the service organization fully responsible for brand establishment, brand management and brand incubation in China. We harbor the key resources for these three stages. We help the brand enter China, is responsible for the growth and prosperity of the brand from zero to one, and deeply cooperates with the brand on all core matters. We promote marketing activities, brand culture penetration, distribution and sales together.




In these 20 years of experience, Chahuaze team has been committed to media operation, content marketing and digital marketing planning to form a comprehensive overall brand management service ability. We have provided comprehensive online and offline integrated marketing services for various projects to more than 300 international brands. We have successfully helped large and small brands enter the Hong Kong and Chinese markets. The total sales of all strategic partners of exceed 30 billion yuan.



We cooperate with 600000 physical retail stores, and closely cooperate with Wangfujing group, Henglong Plaza, Wanda Plaza and other large shopping centers. We are also beginning to provide venture capital services to our key brands. To expand the scale and influence of a brand in China and establish a long-term and in-depth cooperative relationship with them, Lanxuan cooperates with China's top and largest VC institutions: Hillhouse capital (direct investment capital scale of 600 billion yuan), Shenzhen Venture Capital (direct investment capital scale of 330 billion yuan), IDG capital (direct investment capital scale of 400 billion yuan), Sequoia Capital China (direct investment capital scale of 50 billion yuan), and Junlian capital (direct investment capital scale of 50 billion yuan).

我们重視可持续的商业实践和綠色创业精神, 同時仍然滿足现代经济的快节奏需求。我们从绿色生活, 绿色IP和绿色投资的理念出发,为15000多名全球领先的绿色领袖和企业家、一线城市的女性和海归的学生搭建国际性交流平台。

We attache importance to sustainable business practice and green entrepreneurship, while still meeting the fast-paced needs of modern economy. Starting from the concept of green life, green IP and green investment, we have built an international exchange platform for more than 15000 global leading green leaders and entrepreneurs, women in first tier cities and returnees.

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