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CHAHUAZE activities Introduction



We are happy to invite you to participate in the top and the most international gov.  apparel ordering event in China, which will be organized together with the China Garment Association. This event aims to provide a platform for luxury brands to showcase themselves, network with professional buyers and channel partners in the industry, expand their markets, and enhance their brand presence on a professional level.


Below is the specific event information of this event, you can refer to know more about it.


Event Time: late August, 2023, 25-30/8

Venue: China Institute of Fashion Science and Technology, China

The scale of the event: 1000 square meters, with a floor height of 5 meters, and can accommodate up to 600 people.



This event is positioned as a top internal order meet-up, brands participating in this event will not only get attention from the government incubation program but also get the opportunity to cooperate with large channel partners. We expect sales from this event to reach RMB20 million. This is a rare opportunity and we hope you don't miss it.

For potential designer brands, we will provide channel resources, media support, and temporary showroom support, and even we will hold a VIP media party to do some pre-heat for the coming sales.

Your brand will be accurately matched with 500 precise top retail buyers in China through internal government resources, including ceos of large retail malls and provincial leaders. The representative of each province will visit us as well.

You will get professional brand management services, a professional business operation platform, and a team. We will provide you with professional pre-sale and after-sale services, including logistics arrangement, booth design and on-site construction, brand promotion, and data analysis. This event does not require any brand representative to attend, as we will arrange for all our internal sales team to be responsible for it. The role is similar as we serve as distributors. I would say is a good start in getting into China on such a scale.

You will also learn about the cutting-edge trends and development trends of investment and M&A, entrepreneurship, and innovation in China and the global fashion industry.



Brand Participation Requirements

1.           Commercialized brands: brands with no less than 100 products per season

2.           Designer brands: brands with no less than 30 products per season

3.           Brands are required to offer a 28-30% discount off the retail price

4.           Limited to AW2023 and SS2024 styles only. Stock clearing opportunity is open as well. *Need to talk privately with us.


Customer Portrait:

I. Identity:

Small business entities women's clothing customers, trendy stores

1. foreign and domestic famous brand franchisees;

2. urban tide product district representative;

3. Fashion landmark franchisee;


Second, our target group's main business

1. Light luxury women's clothing segments

2. Modern koL with their private pool of audience


Third, their venue

1. have physical stores

2. More than 300,000 fans

3. Accumulate >2000VIP

4. Familiar with the online and offline integration of modern terminal operation systems, can unify the use of thousands of stores and terminal system


If you are interested in this event, please contact us and we will provide you with more details about the event and the registration form. There are more details about the event attached for your review.


Finally, once again, we would like to express our sincere invitation. Please contact us if you have any questions.





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