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Business strategy is no longer limited to a companies’ capabilities and resources. In the digital era, brands thrive through human connection, symbiosis, and culture. We at Chahuaze understand this fundamental change and use it to flourish within the Chinese market.  

Our Advantages

  1. High quality first-hand providers – we excel in using social e-commerce platforms, community group buying, central enterprises, and other important avenues to bring high quality products into the Chinese market.

  2. Product selection experts – we cooperate with first-tier brands and promote hot and exquisite products

  3. Professional services – we are dedicated to providing precision marketing and distribution to ensure our clients success in the Chinese market.

Our Story

An Overview of Our Services

 1 . Media Exposure and Precision Marketing:


We provide internal media exposure and precision marketing campaigns in China through platforms including RED, Weibo, Baidu SEO, and TK KOL Live. This is key to build brand awareness and generate ROI.  

 2 . BI and Consulting:


We use state of the art data analysis to give industry-specific insights to our customers, giving them confidence and knowledge when tackling the future of their industry


 3 . Product Filing and Custom’s Clearance:


China has its own unique custom’s process. We make it easier for you by assisting in the product filing of your brands products for you. This allows us to begin selling your brand’s product across China.


 4 . Distribution and Exhibitions:


Our distribution is country wide and executed through a variety of channels. Notably, we can extend your brand’s impact through introducing products at Chinese government and business-related exhibitions, helping us recruit agents to handle shipping.

Your Next Step

Elevate your brand in China through our

  1. Media Exposure and Precision Marketing

  2. Data analysis and Power BI

  3. Consulting and Brand Management

Our Clients

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