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Lanxuan focuses on serving FMCG and luxury brands. In just one year, we engage with 15,000 higher management level clients from these two industries. We believe that an atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding, and support is crucial to successful cooperation. Therefore, in order to enhance trust and create long-lasting relationships, we considered creating a Lanxuan Brand Community to connect international FMCG and luxury brands. The goal of this connection is not just to connect within Lanxuan, but also to connect with China’s business world, and emphasize Chinese business thinking. We hope to foster and pass on connections through Lanxuan’s Brand Community, and craft a win-win situation.


兰轩专注服务于快消品和奢侈品行业,一年能接触到这两个行业领域的15000个高管级别的客户。相互理解、彼此信赖、互相支持的良好气氛是有效合作的重要条件。因此为了增加彼此的信任,建立长远的关系,我们考虑创建一个兰轩Brand community将全球快消品和奢侈品相关的企业联系起来。联系的目的不仅仅是和兰轩之间的联系,而是与中国商业的联系,强调与中国商业思维接轨。我们希望通过兰轩community传承人脉,同行间的联系更加密切,促成共赢的局面。

Lanxuan Brand Community Introduction

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