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Re-nutriv Revitalizing Mask


Chahuaze contains plant extracts such as camellia essence, with skin-friendly and green ingredients. Chahuaze contains 6 international and China patents, hyaluronic acid in cooperation with our biological proteins and molecular technology. Our product is all rounded which effectively inhibits the release of inflammatory factors and repaires epidermal and fibroblast damage, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, high activity, high permeability, and high performance.

使用方法 Instructions

(1) 清洁脸部| 使用面膜前先选用洁面产品彻底清洁脸部;(2) 紧贴肌肤| 取出本品敷于面部,依据脸型清柔调整;(3)静享时间| 静敷面膜 15-20 分钟,取下面膜;(4) 按摩面部| 以按摩的方式帮助脸部吸收剩余的精华液。


(1) Cleansing the face | Use a cleansing product to thoroughly clean the face before using the mask; (2) Take out this product and apply it on the face, adjust according to the facial shape; (3) Rest time | 15-20 minutes, remove the mask; (4) Massage the face | massage to help the face absorb the remaining essence.

价钱 Price


包装 Packging

25ml x 5/ 盒
25ml x 5/ box

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